Mick Jagger urges fans to vote in November election: “Dont take anything for granted!”


Since he’s British, Mick Jagger is not eligible to vote in the upcoming U.S. presidential election this November — but he wants American Rolling Stones fans to be sure they do.

While onstage at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, on Thursday, Jagger introduced the portion of the show where the Stones play a song voted on by fans. In fan-recorded video, Jagger can be seen telling the crowd, “Now we’ve got the vote song for you, which everyone got really involved in, I wanna thank you … so many people voted.”

“And what’s more important than that is, November, there’s a presidential election, so don’t forget to vote in that,” Jagger continued. “Don’t take anything for granted!”

The band then performed the song that the fans chose: “Emotional Rescue,” which they hadn’t played onstage since 2014.

Jagger, of course, didn’t tell the crowd who to vote for, though in the past the Stones have had multiple disagreements with former President Donald Trump over the unauthorized use of their songs at his campaign events.

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