Music fan survey shows BTS fans would travel the furthest to see them live


With summer concert season upon us, the financial and travel gurus at the website Upgraded Points polled music lovers to see just how far they’d go — both literally and figuratively — to see their favorite acts live. 

In short, the BTS Army is ready to march anywhere. 

The survey polled 3,000 music lovers in this country and found the average American fan is willing to travel 608.7 miles to see their favorite artist live.

Respondents belonging to Gen Z were willing to up that to over 800 miles. 

One in 10 music lovers said they were willing to go into debt just to catch their favorite artist live, and the average American would part with nearly 13% of their savings just to do so, according to the survey.

The poll also looked into the most loyal fanbases and found BTS fans were willing to go just about anywhere to see the K-pop superstars: Topping all other fans, the BTS Army was willing to deploy to venues more than 2,040 miles away for a concert. 

If Michael Jackson could somehow perform again, the King of Pop’s fans would also hit the road to see him and shell out as much as $660. MJ ranked second in terms of loyal fanbases, according to the survey’s data, followed by fans of Elton John ranking third, Lady Gaga and then Taylor Swift.

Of course, Taylor Swift’s fans already made headlines when some admitted to wearing adult diapers to avoid missing one of the songs during her blockbuster Eras tour. That hadn’t been heard of before Swifties, who are certainly too young to need them otherwise, made Depends underwear almost trendy.

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