National Hurricane Center monitoring tropical depression three in Atlantic Ocean unusual for June


The National Hurricane Center is monitoring tropical depression three which is expected to reach hurricane status by Wednesday night way out in the Atlantic Ocean. State Climatologist Barry Keim says the system continues to show signs of organization.

“The sea surface temperatures along its projected path are running well above normal. It’s just a very conducive environment for this thing to continue to blossom. And as a result, this storm should become a tropical storm sometime later today.”

The system is expected to become a tropical storm – named Bret by the end of the day. Although the Gulf of Mexico is not an immediate target, the storm is expected to impact the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands by the weekend. Keim says it’s still too early to tell if it will impact the U.S.

“It’s probably six or seven days away from reaching the Gulf right now so we just need to keep a watch on it. It’s anybody’s guess as to where this thing is going to go. But we all should you know your ears and everything should perk up a little bit. Keep a watch on this thing.”

There is a second area of interest – a tropical wave located south of the Cabo Verde Islands which has been given a 40% chance of formation in the next several days. Keim says the occurrence of waves is pretty common during hurricane season.

“It’s not uncommon to get a hundred waves over the course of a season I think that’s pretty typical but fortunately only 15 or so percent actually develop into a named storm. Again we got to keep a watch on these waves but we do get quite a few of these as the season progresses.”

Keim encourages Louisianians to keep a watch on this tropical depression and always stay prepared.

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