New law requires health insurance to pay fertility preservation for cancer patients


The governor has signed legislation requiring private health insurance to cover the cost of fertility preservation for those undergoing medical treatments for cancer or other illnesses that could affect their fertility.  Baton Rouge Representative Paula Davis patients will now have the option to freeze their eggs or sperm before treatments begin.

“Because there are some treatments, radiation, chemotherapy, some medications that may render you infertile,” said Davis.

Davis said Insurance Committee members heard heart-wrenching testimony from individuals who’d undergone treatments that rendered them infertile. She said there are medical advancements and insurance should cover the cost for those individuals.

“They may be rendered infertile, infertile as a result of their treatment, be able to have biological children, and live a healthy and normal life after their cancer treatment. It’s just amazing to me,” said Davis.

Davis said the bill did not receive any opposition from health insurance providers and to cover the costs, there would be a slight increase in premiums.

“The cost is about eight cents to twenty cents per member per month. This cost is very minimal and luckily, we don’t have to have any appropriations for the Office of Preventatives because they’re able to already just cover it,” said Davis.

Davis said this is welcome news to individuals who could be faced with a loss of fertility on top of a cancer diagnosis.


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