Niall Horan on which 1D song he misses performing, which one’s success surprised him the most


Stop the presses: Niall Horan recently talked about his former group in an interview and it didn’t involve the word “reunion” at all.

While speaking to Vulture, Niall, who’s going to release his new album, The Show, on Friday, was asked which One Direction song he misses performing the most.

“’Stockholm Syndrome‘” was a great song to perform live,” Niall says, referring to a track on the group’s 2014 album, Four. “’Through the Dark.’ And I wish we’d gotten a chance to perform a song called ‘Never Enough.’ We didn’t tour that.”

“It’s such a cool vibe, it was unlike anything that was out there,” he says of the song, which he co-wrote. It appears on their 2015 album, Made In the A.M. “Obviously it was a deep cut on the album, but it’s probably one of my favorite 1D tunes to this day.”

Asked which 1D song’s popularity surprised him the most, Niall’s answer was their 2014 single “Night Changes” — their last one to feature Zayn Malik.

“I knew it was a great song but I didn’t think that it would connect the way — like, I think it just got to a billion streams recently, which is nuts,” Niall adds. The song hit that milestone in April and was 1D’s first song to be streamed 1 billion times.

“When you think about ‘Story of My Life,’ ‘What Makes You Beautiful,’ ‘Drag Me Down,’ that kind of thing, they all felt more ‘hittier,’ if you like,” he notes. “So to see a nice slow jam … hit like that wasn’t a shock, but I definitely wasn’t expecting it to be as big as it has become.”

Niall also reveals that the song that made him confident he could continue post 1D was his first solo single, “This Town.”

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