Olivia Rodrigo’s “vampire” boosts streaming for a different artist


Just call it the Olivia Rodridgo effect: Streams of the singer’s new single, “vampire,” from her upcoming album have also boosted streams of a song by a different artist.

According to Billboard, “vampire” got off to a huge start with just over 8 million streams on its first day of release, and Olivia’s debut album, SOUR, jumped 47% thanks to the excitement over the new song. But another song that saw a big streaming uptick isn’t by Olivia at all — it’s by Madison Beer.

As Billboard reports, Madison’s 2020 song “Selfish” scored a nearly 19% gain in daily streams from the Monday before “vampire” was released to the Monday after its release. The reason? Some fans believe “vampire” is about Olivia’s ex-boyfriend Zack Bia, and he’s also rumored to have been the inspiration for “Selfish.”

Madison responded to a fan account that tweeted about the streaming bump for “Selfish” by writing, “thank u miss olivia.” That tweet has since been deleted.

Bia is a producer, DJ and record executive who’s opened for Post Malone. He’s well known in LA’s nightlife scene, having also been a party promoter.

Madison sings in “Selfish,” “Shouldn’t love you, but I couldn’t help it/ Had a feeling that you never felt it/ I always knew that you were too damn selfish.” She also sings, “I bet you thought you gave me real love/ But we spent it all in nightclubs.”

In “vampire,” Olivia sings, “You can’t love anyone, ’cause that would mean you had a heart,” and adds, “I should’ve known it was strange, you only come out at night.”

Of course, neither woman has confirmed the speculation.

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