PAC backing Landry for Governor fires back with negative attack ad, after first shot fired by Waguespack PAC in May


A political action committee supporting candidate for Governor Stephen Waguespack fired the first negative ad of the campaign; calling Attorney General Jeff Landry soft on crime. Now a PAC backing Landry fires back. Here is a portion of the ad, placed by “Protecting Louisiana’s Children”…:

(ANNOUNCER: When Stephen Waguespack was Governor Bobby Jindal’s top aide, Louisiana’s economy sank from 6th to 42nd. Under Waguespack, 13,000 manufacturing jobs disappeared….Stephen Waguespack: a mistake we can’t make twice”

The PAC ad accuses Waguespack of presiding over massive job losses and economic decline while in the Jindal Administration, and calls him “a mistake we can’t make twice.” On Jim Engster’s “Talk Louisiana” radio show, political analyst Roy Fletcher says he was surprised to see anyone “go negative” so quickly in the campaign, and equally surprised by the escalation…:

“I think the response is probably tougher than the original attack ad…”

Fletcher says the back-and-forth could actually help Waguespack, who has relatively low statewide name recognition. Fletcher says he was caught off-guard by both the attack ads; coming so soon into a governor’s race…:

 “I just think that whole thing is just…SURREAL to me. It’s just strange that this started like this,” says Fletcher.

Qualifying for the fall election begins August 9th. Louisiana Congressman and U.S. House Majority Leader Steve Scalise has called for Republican candidates to refrain from negative campaigning.

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