Parents of murdered Northwestern State player place blame at former coach for not protecting their son


The parents of murdered Northwestern State football player Ronnie Caldwell blame coach Brad Laird for not doing enough to protect their son. The family says Caldwell was re-located to another apartment because of mold. Ronnie’s father, Ronald Caldwell Senior, says they told Laird his son needed to be re-located again because his new roommate, who is not a student, pulled a gun on him.

“I need you to move him, get him away from there, get him in a hotel until I get there, I’ll be there this weekend, the next phone call I get from this man, is at 2:07 (in the morning) Thursday that  my son is deceased,” said Ronald Caldwell Sr.

Ronald Caldwell Senior says the roommate pulled a gun on him on October 9th, three days later he was fatally shot. No one has been charged in his murder, but the roommate, 27-year-old John McIntosh, has been arrested on gun and drug charges. Ronald Caldwell Senior says Laird and Northwestern State failed to protect his son.

“Protecting my family all their life and I get this call, and all I ask him to do is to my move, why so hard, why didn’t he do it, he was wrong,” said Caldwell.

Laird announced his resignation on Thursday and Northwestern State has canceled the rest of the season forfeiting its remaining four games.

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