Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo respond after Ted Cruz suggests her music is evil


Pat Benatar and husband Neil Giraldo have appeared to respond after Sen. Ted Cruz invoked Benatar’s name in a rant against Democrats and President Joe Biden.

It happened during an appearance on Joe Pagliarulo’s conservative talk show, after the host asked Cruz whether there was any chance of seeing a Biden impeachment and conviction.  

“I don’t think Senate Democrats, if you had video of Joe Biden murdering children dressed as the devil under a full moon while singing Pat Benatar, they still wouldn’t vote to convict,” Cruz responded, baffling many who couldn’t understand why he chose to single out Benatar’s music as being a symbol of evil.

As for Benatar and Giraldo’s response, they took to Facebook and simply posted, “Nice Try.” And while they didn’t specifically say they were replying to Cruz, it’s clear by all the comments people believe that was the reason for the post. Variety notes that Benatar’s publicist said she wouldn’t comment further on the subject.

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