Paul McCartney and Elton John make ‘The Sunday Times’ Rich List 2023


The only performing artists to make the U.K.’s Sunday Times’ Rich List 2023 this year are pretty much the ones you’d expect: Sir Paul McCartney and Sir Elton John.

On the list of the 350 richest people in the U.K., McCartney ranks #175, but that’s including the fortune of his wife, Nancy Shevell, whose family owns a freight transportation business. The Times estimates the couple’s net worth at a bit over $1.18 billion, up from $1.075 billion last year. 

The Times notes that last year, McCartney’s Got Back tour grossed over $130 million from just 16 shows — and that was on top of his regular income from The Beatles songs, solo songs and the songwriting copyrights of other songs he owns.

As for Elton, he’s got a ways to go before he gets near McCartney’s billions — he’s “only” worth about $560 million. However, that’s enough to make him a new entry on the list: He ranks #309. He didn’t even make the list last year.

The thing that put Elton over the top was, of course, his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, which has become the highest-grossing tour ever, earning $800 million as of January.

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