Pink salutes female friendships: “We are stronger together … find your tribe”


While Pink often praises her relationship with her husband, Carey Hart, her female friendships mean just as much to her. In fact, she’s dedicated an entire Instagram post to her and her girls, and urged other women to find groups of women to support them.

“It’s an incredible blessing to have a tribe of women surround you that are brilliantly themselves, incredible talents, imperfect perfection… unapologetically human,” Pink wrote, alongside a photo of her friends. “We are stronger together, when we’re vulnerable, when we can stay open.”

Admitting that she “never used to trust girls or women” and “stayed one of the guys for a long time,” Pink wrote, “When I found the deep, rich waters of sisterhood- my life was less scary, lonely, messy. I love these women and so many more.”

She then advised, “There are so many girls and women out there that yearn for authentic connection and true friends. Stay open. Look around. Don’t stick to a group just because it’s always been that way. Especially if it doesn’t fill you up. Find your tribe.”

Pink noted that the gathering of friends was to celebrate the buck full supermoon, which happens when the July full moon appears larger than normal because of its position in the sky. The “buck” part comes from the name for a male deer: during this month, their antlers are in full growth.

The “Trustfall” singer is currently on her Summer Carnival tour in Europe.

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