Pink shocked by fan throwing mother’s ashes onstage during concert


This might be a first: A fan apparently threw their mother’s ashes onstage during Pink’s show at the British Summer Time festival in London over the weekend.

In a video clip captured at the concert, the singer bends down to pick up the plastic baggie. “Is this your mom?” a seemingly shocked Pink asks an unseen person in the crowd. “I don’t know how I feel about this.”

She then gently places the bag at the edge of the stage and continues her performance of “Just Like a Pill.”

Though it hasn’t yet been confirmed why the fan brought her mother’s ashes to Pink’s show, one Twitter user claimed to know the backstory, writing, “OK so my friends were stood [sic] near this lady and back story is..her mum couldn’t get out much as she was so ill when alive so this lady takes her ashes places.”

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