Police or snake wranglers? Houma officers capture large python over Memorial Day weekend


Houma police caught a 12-and-a-half foot reticulated python over the weekend after a man discovered it curled up in a flowerpot in his backyard.

“One of our officers, PFD [Parish Sheriff’s Deputy] Don Aubrey… I guess he’s, uh, not too afraid of snakes,” said Chief Travis Theriot. “He was able to get in there and safely capture the snake. It was later turned over to [Louisiana Department of] Wildlife and Fisheries.”

The python was captured using a rather unorthodox arrest method.

“Pretty much, they [officers] used a shovel to just hold the head down and distract it, and they were able to quickly grab it and put it into a sack and haul it off,” said Theriot.

The snake is believed to be a former pet released into the wild, which Theriot cautions against, saying, “[t]hey [reticulated pythons] are not indigenous to this area, so, uh, this isn’t something that we want in the area at all. This isn’t… we don’t want it to what Florida’s dealing with by any stretch.”

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee, reticulated pythons are also an invasive species in Florida with a habit of eating any wildlife they come in contact with.

The python found in Houma didn’t harm any humans but did eat two pet geese.

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