Political insiders believe a veto override session is almost certain


Lawmakers must have their ballots in by midnight tonight if they’re against holding an override veto session. In Louisiana when the governor rejects legislation a veto session is automatic. La-Politics-dot-com publisher Jeremy Alford said it’s extremely likely lawmakers will return for an override session.

“We’re really not going to know exactly the official tally until tomorrow morning, but in unofficial Baton Rouge legislative leaders are kind of already leaning towards returning here,” said Alford.

Alford said another clue there will be an override session next week, is that at least three political fundraisers are scheduled over the five days set aside for the session.

“I think it would be a major surprise to Louisiana’s politicos if there’s not a veto session announced,” said Alford.

The veto of a bill to ban gender-affirming healthcare for minors, Alford said it’s that bill that’s the driving force among Republicans for an override session.  But will there be enough votes if lawmakers do return to override that bill or any of the bills the governor vetoed?

“It would take a two-thirds vote of both chambers to override a veto, and that is always easier said than done,” said Alford.

Alford said the state Republican party has even threatened lawmakers with repercussions if they do not override Governor Edwards’ veto.

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