President Biden unveils plan to restrict migrants seeking asylum at U.S. southern border


President Joe Biden revealed plans Tuesday to immediately enact significant restrictions on migrants seeking asylum at the southern border. His plan becomes active when border encounters reach 2,500 per day, then any migrant without a reason to fear return to their country will be removed from the US within days or hours. Many Republicans including Senator Bill Cassidy question the president’s timing.

“If he can do it now, he could have done it three years ago. I have a sense that he’s looking at polling. He’s losing, and he says ‘Oh my gosh, what can I do to get better in the polls? Now, I’ll take on illegal immigration,’” Cassidy said.

Biden says “the border is not a political issue to be weaponized” and he would have preferred more lasting legislation, but Republicans left him no choice.

The president’s plan will only be active until migrant encounters drop below 1,500 per day for two weeks. Asylum seekers will also be held to a higher screening standard than previously used but Cassidy isn’t sure it’s enough.

“He’s going to limit some asylum seekers . I don’t know what that means. I will point out, I think it’s a little late. There’s been nearly 10 million illegal crossings over three years under Biden,” Cassidy said.

Biden says his plan will help gain control of the border and restore order to the process while Cassidy compared the number of border crossings of the previous two administrations with an eight-fold increase during the first three years of Biden’s term. Republican Senator John Kennedy blames the president’s policies.

“It’s a little late. You can’t make this cat walk backwards. The President’s border policies have allowed 8 million people to come into our country illegally,” Kennedy said.


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