Realtor Yvonne Hulsey explains why Britney Spears childhood home is listed for $1.2 million


It’s described as a typical 3 bedroom ranch style home except… Pop Icon Britney Spears grew up in this Kentwood home. Realtor, Yvonne Hulsey of Keller Williams Mandeville is selling the Spears family home and says the value of this home, listed for 1 point 2 million dollars, is not in the square footage or the 2 acres it sits on…

“We’re selling history and that’s why the price of the property is where it’s at.”

Spears’ father sold the family home to the current owner’s family in 2021 for $275,000

The Pop Star’s former home has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a dance studio. Hulsey says there’s been more interest from the media than actual buyers but the first showing is scheduled for Friday and Hulsey says it will take a special buyer to acquire this home…

“This is going to take a unique buyer. It’s going to take somebody that’s going to be a cash buyer and who’s willing to pay the price.”

Some of the furnishings used by the Spears family is still in the home along with some graffiti fans might recognize as possibly referencing the time Brittney was part of the Mickey Mouse Club.  Hulsey says, it’s the history that gives the high value to this home and she has to show that to potential buyers…

“Whether it sells for that purchase price, I don’t know but again my job is to bring the most money I can for my seller and that’s my intent.”

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