Report: Nicki Minaj sued by jeweler over unreturned and damaged jewelry


Rapper Nicki Minaj is being sued by a West Hollywood jeweler who alleges that she failed to pay for borrowed jewelry and returned some pieces damaged, TMZ reports.

According to the outlet, who obtained the legal documents, the lawsuit states that Nicki’s stylist, Brett Alan Nelson, had signed a contract with the jeweler, agreeing to return the jewelry within a week and cover any damages. However, the jeweler claims that 66 pieces were not returned on time, and when they were eventually returned, some were damaged. The jeweler sent invoices for the damages, totaling $26,239.50, but allegedly received no payment.

Nicki’s attorney, Jordan Siev, disputes the allegations, telling TMZ, “We have not been presented with any evidence that any of the jewelry at issue was damaged by Nicki. This lawsuit appears to be nothing more than an ordinary insurance claim by the jeweler designed to generate publicity for itself and extract a payment to which it is not entitled. We will defend the lawsuit vigorously.”

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