Restore Louisiana hosts outreach event in Lake Charles to assist homeowners with hurricane damage before the August 1 deadline to apply for grants


As an August 1 deadline approaches, Restore Louisiana holds an outreach event in Lake Charles today to help homeowners who suffered damage from hurricanes in 2020 and 2021 apply for federal rebuilding grant dollars. The event is at the Allen P. August Center from 3:30 to 6:30 pm. State Office of Community Development Director Pat Forbes says many hurricane victims have not completed a survey to see if they are eligible.

“We’re reaching out in every way we can to get folks to complete that survey. This is another specific outreach in Lake Charles – Calcasieu area hoping we’ll get some folks there who we can help get into the program so we can help them rebuild their homes.”

Restore LA provides grant funding to homeowners who suffered damages from Hurricanes Laura and Delta and the May 2021 severe storms. The money can pay for repairs, reconstruction, and/or reimbursement for repairs already completed. Forbes says the survey is easy to complete and takes little time…

‘You don’t need to have a bunch of information at hand. It’s helpful if you have your FEMA registration number and you can fill it out on a smartphone or a pad or a computer. It is the critical first step in getting your application started.” 

Louisiana’s total allocation is $3.1 billion for the 2020-2021 disaster events. Homeowners may be eligible for up to $250,000 in assistance and homes will be built to meet fortified standards.  Forbes says they have helped thousands of homeowners statewide but the goal is to get financial assistance to every homeowner who could use the financial assistance.

“We’re close to $200 million out the door now. And we know there are folks we still need to help. So that’s why we’re doing all this outreach event including the event in Lake Charles.”

Since its launch in February 2022, the program has offered more than $208 million in grant awards to over 2,590 homeowners affected by 2020-21 disaster events. Homeowners who are unable to attend the event can complete the survey at

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