Ringo Starr on his upcoming birthday: “Nothing makes me feel old”


Ringo Starr turns 83 on July 7, but he certainly isn’t feeling his age.

“Nothing makes me feel old. In my head, I’m 27,” he tells People. “Wisdom’s a heavy word. [Getting older] is what happens, and you try and keep yourself busy.”

As previously reported, Ringo will be celebrating his birthday with his annual “Peace and Love” event, where he asks fans all over the world to celebrate peace and love. He and wife Barbara Bach will be in Los Angeles for it, joined by Joe WalshEdgar WinterRichard MarxMike Campbell and more.

One of Ringo’s secrets to feeling so young may be his constant positive attitude through life. “I never felt really down,” he says. “I mean, I have my moments, of course. But my spirits are high. That’s all I can say, really.”

Looking back on his life, Ringo says he still has a hard time believing the success they wound up having with The Beatles.  

“There’s an interview of the four of us — Paul (McCartney) was going to write songs, George (Harrison) was going to have a garage, and I was going to have a hairdresser,” he says. “We thought that’s what we’d be doing, and it would last three or four years, but it lasted eight … and we did a lot of great tracks.”

Ringo notes, “We’re blessed, as the Beatles, because each generation has a listen to us. They see, ‘What does that mean to those guys?’ So we’re still selling records, can you believe it? And we’re still remastering them, and we’re still putting them in different orders and putting out outtakes. Life is good.”

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