Scottish student hopes Taylor Swift helps her (indirectly) become a lawyer


A law student who wrote her dissertation about Taylor Swift‘s battle to regain control over her music is hoping that “Karma” will help her get a passing grade.

As the BBC reports, Regan Caie, a student at the University of Glasgow, wrote a dissertation called You Belong With Me: Copyright Law in the Fight for Ownership of Master Recordings. The topic, which was jokingly suggested by one of her teachers, allowed her to combine her love of Taylor’s music with her desire to specialize in copyright and intellectual property law.

To prepare, she spent nine months studying the origins of and legal reasons behind Taylor’s plan to rerecord her first six albums after she reportedly was unable to buy the rights back from Scooter Braun

Caie’s final paper, submitted in March, was 10,000 words long and cited over 150 sources. She’ll get her final grade on June 11, two days after Taylor’s last concert in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Caie, of course, has tickets and tells the BBC, “I actually can’t wait … we’re already planning our outfits.” No word on whether or not she plans to bring the dissertation to the concert, as friends have suggested.

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