Sen Cathey applauds legislation to be debated in special session on crime


Governor Jeff Landry’s special session to address crime in Louisiana will begin next Monday and wrap on March 6th. Monroe Senator Steward Cathey believes the legislation Landry is calling for will make a difference in deterring crime.

“I think it’s a good call, I think it’s overarching, and I think it addresses a lot of the needs we have here in the state to address the crime epidemic that we have. I’m looking forward to working with the governor to try to address our crime issues across the state,” said Cathey.

Cathey believes the growth of juvenile crime is among the priorities that need to be addressed. He said if 17-year-olds who are committing an overwhelming majority of juvenile crimes can be tried and held as adults it will be impactful.

“Get them into the adult system and out of the juvenile system where they’re preying on young children. I think that goes a long way in solving a lot of our crime issues,” said Cathey.

And while most 17-year-olds who are charged with murder are typically charged as adults, Cathey said it’s still at the discretion of the local district attorney.

“And what we’ve seen are several rogue District Attorneys that refuse to prosecute these hardened criminals that just happened to be 17 years old and just leave them in the juvenile system and again I don’t think that’s good for Louisiana,” said Cathey.

Cathey said he’s also in favor of allowing the Attorney General to have an expanded role in prosecuting crimes when local District Attorneys refuse to and he’s also in favor of expanding legal and humane methods for the use of the death penalty as punishment.

The ACLU of Louisiana stated that they are deeply concerned with the “tough on crime” sweeping policy proposals Governor Landry has issued for the special session from the restriction of parole eligibility and lowering the age of majority for juveniles.

The view the call for legislation click here.

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