Senate Education advance a bill requiring one financial literacy course for high school students to graduate and to qualify for TOPS


The Senate Education Committee advanced House-approved legislation requiring high school students to complete one unit of financial literacy course to graduate and to qualify for TOPS. State Treasurer John Schroder believes the bill will help students control their financial future.

“Family, security, and an educated workforce translate to lower crime. I think you’ll have less foreclosures and they’ll understand that just because you have a doesn’t necessarily mean you have money.”

The bill would change the mathematics curriculum requirements to include one financial literacy course. All public school students would receive personal financial management courses with specified components including income, money management, spending and credit, saving and investing, and borrowing. Supporter of the bill, Department of Ed Superintendent Cade Brumley…

“It does cover important content like banking, checking, and insurance contracts. Many transactions we interact with. So it’s important for our students to get an appreciation for some of these before they head out to the next season of their life.”

Schroder says businesses have contacted the Department of Treasury to donate money to help pay for the infrastructure of the program.

“One of my favorite sayings is it’s not what you make it’s what you save but somebody has to teach that. It’s not something that you’re born with and you understand that but this is something I believe our kids could use.”

The bill heads to the Senate floor for final passage.

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