Senator Bill Cassidy cosponsors legislation that seeks to lower college costs and student debt


Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy is a cosponsor of a Republican plan that seeks to lower lower college costs and student debt. It’s a package of five bills that Cassidy says addresses the root causes of the student debt crisis.

“It puts downward pressure on tuition and empowers students to make the educational decisions that put them on track to academically and financially succeed,” said Cassidy.

Cassidy says the legislative package includes a bill he’s introduced before, the College Transparency Act. The Baton Rouge lawmaker says it would help students decide whether to take on debt to attend programs that do not translate into high-paying jobs.

“So somebody attempts to enroll in a university program in which they only have a 5% chance of graduating, but that first year they have to borrow $50,000 and when they graduate they’ll make $30,000 that will be a clear market signal, don’t enroll in that program,” said Cassidy.

The bills are filed as the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule soon on President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness program. Cassidy says the president’s plan does nothing to address the causes of the debt crisis.

“Somebody up to $250,000 as a couple can have 20K knocked off their debt now that’s not targeted relief that’s just kind of like I’m running for re-election I better get out there with a program to get some votes from the left,” said Cassidy.

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