Senator Mizell’s bill to ban cell phones in school heads to Governor Landry’s desk to be signed


Franklinton Senator Beth Mizell’s bill that would ban cell phones from classrooms heads to Governor Jeff Landry’s desk to be signed. Mizell says there are options for schools to determine how phones will be stored but no matter what method used, positive results will be achieved.

“Whatever the method the end result is that when classroom instruction is taking place the child can not have the phone in their hand.”

One area of pushback was the possible cost that could have been incurred but Mizell says more solutions have been suggested that wouldn’t add any additional cost to schools.

There’s some great options right now where kids can put their phone into a heavy fabric bag that locks and only the school can pop the lock open. Its a really cool systems”

Feedback from the Teacher Workforce Commission says the number one issue was the lack of attention in classrooms while competing with students using cell phones.  Mizell says with this bill teachers should be getting some help.

“I think this will really help the teachers keep kids on the lesson plan, rather than on their phone.”

If signed the bill would go into effect in the 2024-2025 school year.


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