Seoul, South Korea, turns purple in honor of BTS’ 10th anniversary


BTS is celebrating their 10th anniversary, and their home country of South Korea is going all out to mark the occasion.

Billboard reports that on Monday, June 12, skyscrapers, bridges, City Hall and other landmarks in the South Korean capital of Seoul are being lit up in purple, the group’s signature color. Stamps celebrating the anniversary come out on Tuesday, and messages congratulating BTS are displayed on digital screens around the city.

According to Billboard, on Saturday, June 17, group member RM plans to chat with fans live, with the conversation to stream online, followed by fireworks in a park by the Han River. Seoul has planned for the celebrations to continue for two weeks, in hopes of boosting tourism.

BTS is technically on hiatus while two members — Jin and j-hope — fulfill their mandatory military service, with the other members following suit. However, they did release a new song, “Take Two,” on June 9.

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