Shreveport police share details of standoff where three people were shot and the suspected gunman set fire to the home


A more than four hours standoff with Shreveport Police Monday morning ends with what authorities believe is the suspect’s charred remains found inside a Crooked Creek home. Names of those involved have not been released and Police Chief Wayne Smith said it ended when the suspect set the home on fire.

“And an autopsy is pending, so we don’t have that person’s identity to be able to tell you anything about that person at this time,” said Smith.

Smith said the suspect was heavily armed when he went to the home intent on causing harm to any and everyone he encountered. The gunman shot two neighbors before entering the home, and he also fired shots toward a room where a 13-year-old girl hid as others escaped. Smith said the teen was hit and three officers entered the home amid gunfire to save her.

“They never strayed away from their mission, with their own lives at risk they continued their rescue mission and brought the young lady to safety,” said Smith.

Multiple law enforcement agencies responded to the standoff and the gunman exchanged gunfire multiple times with officers and he also destroyed two police drones used in the standoff. Smith said police spent hours trying to negotiate with the suspect.

“The suspect had no intention of surrendering,” said Smith.

Smith said all of the shooting victims are expected to make a full recovery.

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