State judge rules to dismiss charges against two former state troopers involved in the fatal Ronald Greene arrest case


Two former state troopers could be cleared of wrongdoing in the Ronald Greene case. Judge Thomas Rogers has quashed the obstruction of justice charges against John Peters and Dakota DeMoss. Legal analyst Franz Borghardt says the judge determined Peters’ actions did not meet the level of obstruction of justice by saying “Bury it in the report” when discussing the in-custody death of Greene.

“Burying something in a report, not obstruction of justice, I agree with it, because ultimately that implies you are going to still put it in the report,” said Borghardt.

Judge Rogers has also ruled DeMoss should not face obstruction of justice charges for turning off his body camera audio. Borghardt says he’s surprised the judge dismissed that charge.

“I believe if you actively turn off a device that collects evidence, with the intent of not collecting evidence that to me that’s the text book example of obstruction of justice,” said Borghardt.

District Attorney John Belton can appeal.

The judge is also giving prosecutors three days to fix deficiencies in some charges against the three other defendants. Borhardt says it appears Judge Rogers is tightening up the case.

“I don’t know that’s going to make the victim’s family feel very good, that the judge is doing that, they may say that is really an issue for a jury and the jury should be the one making the decision, not a judge,” said Borghardt.

Former state trooper Kory York faces the most serious charge. York is accused of negligent homicide as he was involved in the beating Greene took after a police chase along rural highway in Union Parish in 2019. York also faces ten counts of malfeasance, but the judge is considering quashing eight of those counts, unless Belton can identify a specific criminal act.


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