Sugar Bowl asking for help to keep it sweet in the future


The Sugar Bowl has been a college football staple since 1935 and in the last decade, it’s contributed $2.4 billion to the local economy. But with the expansion of the college football playoffs looming, it’s in danger of losing playoff status. Allstate Sugar Bowl CEO Jeff Hundley said they are holding a fundraiser and asking the business community to help out.

“Almost every major decision that’s taking place in college athletics revolves around new revenue and increased revenue and we’re trying to find ways to compete there,” said Hundley.

In three years, it’s up in the air, Hundley said, if the Sugar Bowl will remain a significant bowl game…

“We don’t have a contract and there’s a lot of cities that are on the outside looking in that are waving big money around, Nashville, San Antonio, Houston, Las Vegas,” said Hundley.

This season’s game, a New Year’s Day national championship semi-final game, is already sold out. But next season 12 teams will vie for the championship and for the next two seasons the Sugar Bowl will be a quarterfinal game.

Hundley is hopeful they’ll be able to raise enough corporate funds and buy-ins from interested parties to keep the Sugar Bowl in the playoffs.

“We’re excited if, in fact, we’re successful in our attempt to secure a long-term contract as part of the playoffs. It would be a playoff game every year which would mean the game would matter,” said Hundley.

Those looking to support the Sugar Bowl are invited to visit


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