Surgical castration to be sentencing option for sex offenders who violate children


Judges in Louisiana will have the option to sentence those who commit sex crimes against children to surgical castration, in addition to prison time. Bill Baton Rouge Senator Regina Barrow told Denham Spring Senator Valerie Hodges that far too often perpetrators are repeat offenders.

“So, it’s a consequence, a step over and beyond, just going to jail, and then getting out in a year or whatever…” Dawson asked.

“And doing it again… yes,” Barrow responded.

The surgical castration option would apply if the victim is under the age of 13. Judges already have the discretion to order chemical castration, which is less invasive, as a sentencing option for aggravated sex crimes.

The bill, which was authored by a Democrat, received overwhelming support from GOP lawmakers. Barrow said such crimes against children are inexcusable.

“There’s no exception, I can’t think of any, any reason that somebody can try to offer up in terms to validate why they have assaulted a child, a baby,” said Barrow.

When someone violates a child, Barrow said it’s something that child must deal with for the rest of their life and she believes surgical castration should be an option, because…

“The ultimate charge to them should be very severe,” said Barrow.

The bill would take effect August 1st.


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