Tai Verdes talks new single ‘Sandman,’ teases new album


Tai Verdes‘ new song “Sandman” has arrived!

At midnight Friday, Tai released the new song along with the equally as entrancing music video. ABC Audio caught up with him before the drop where he dished all about the new track. 

“Every single time that I make music it’s always an experience, just like the shows, right? It’s like, I want to get the best product out of myself and out of the people that I work with,” he said while at the Governors Ball Music Festival 2023.

“I try to keep my crew tight knit and I go through endless versions, endless iterations of the music that I make,” the singer-songwriter continued. “I want it to sound good. I want to give out a certain vibration.”

That perfectionism could be what helped his previous single “Stuck in the Middle” go viral on TikTok, however Tai isn’t chasing viral moments, he just wants the music to speak for itself and if it goes viral then so be it. 

“I don’t really try to go viral. I don’t really care about any numbers or anything like that,” he said. “I just care about making things because at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter about how many people listen to your music because if you were to stop making it ever then it doesn’t matter at the end of the day.”

“Sandman” arrived just in time to kick off the summer, but for fans wondering when they can expect a new album — his last was 2021’s TV — just know it’s on the way.

“Listen, it’s coming as soon as I feel like it’s sending out the right vibration, that’s it,” he shares. “And then after that, it’ll be for all the people. And I can’t hide it anymore.”

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