Tax increase on e-cigarettes and vape products goes into effect July 1st


A tax increase on e-cigarettes and vape products sold in Louisiana beginning next month, will go towards pay raises for state police. Bill author, Covington Representative Paul Hollis, admits going into the session he was doubtful lawmakers would approve a tax increase, especially during an election year.

“But the legislature to their credit, they passed it. I think that’s a tribute to state police and the work that they do, coupled with the fact that they are very underpaid,” said Hollis.

Hollis said the current tax is a nickel per milliliter and that will increase to 15 cents beginning July 1st.

“It’s anyone’s guess as to what the amount of money that’s going to be raised from this. The collection on vape sometimes is a little bit spotty,” said Hollis.

In addition to increased taxes on vape products, Hollis said there are other aspects involving the sale of vape products addressed in the bill.

“What we also tried to do is to create a registry to keep the product safe so that people aren’t buying it from as many rouge or online dealers,” said Hollis.

State Police Superintendent Colonel Lamar Davis said he’s losing troopers to neighboring states who pay officers more than Louisiana.


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