Teachers union vexed at legislature’s failure to pass teacher pay raises. Questions state’s priorities.


When the state legislature concluded its business last week, it avoided dealing out pay raises for teachers and school staff; opting instead to give one-time bonuses of $2000 per teacher, and $1000 for support workers. Louisiana Federation of Teachers Legislative Director Cynthia Posey says calling that “disappointing” is an understatement…:

“…and I think that we can speak for teachers and support staff statewide. In a year of unprecedented reoccurring revenue, that was recognized, to NOT invest in teachers and educators is almost a crime.”

Back in 2007, Louisiana teacher salaries reached the Southern Regional Education Board average, but have more-and-more trailed behind those other states in the years since. The state also has a shortage of certified educators. Posey says Louisiana needs to prioritize education funding, or face further losses. She says teacher feel disenfranchised…:

“Our surrounding states have invested heavily in education and educator pay, and I think that they (teachers) are really looking…A – ‘do I want to stay in Louisiana and teach?’ Or B – ‘do I want to stay in education period?’”

The House avoided a vote on a Senate resolution that would have funded the teacher pay raises; electing instead to give them another one-time stipend. Posey hopes lawmakers will see things differently next year…:

“We need to look at the decisions we make as a state, and decide to put education and children first.”

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