‘Ted Lasso’ cast says goodbye to “absolute dream of a show”


 Is it the end of Ted Lasso? We don’t know for sure, but we do know the finale of season 3 debuts Wednesday on Apple TV+. We’ve been told that this is the end of the story Jason Sudeikis and his co-creators set out to tell, but no one has said definitely if the show will return, or not.

Nick Mohammed plays Nate in the series, and tells ABC Audio, “it has been an absolute dream of a show.”

“Especially partly because of the journey that Nate goes on and that it was so varied and, started out as something and then grew to something else and took a dark turn and so on,” he continues. “So I guess it’s just been really creatively satisfying.”

That’s why Mohammed isn’t sure whether or not he’d want to be part of a Ted Lasso spinoff, fearing that it might live up to the original. “It’d be a shame to…besmirch that a little bit.”

Brett Goldstein, who plays the always scowling Roy Kent on the show, is also one of the writers, and he says saying goodbye to the show was “very emotional.”

Adds Goldstein, “Whatever happens, I’m not currently working every day with these people. And that is sad because it was a very nice life, very nice life, working with brilliant people who are also f****** lovely.”

Joining the nostalgia is co-creator Brendan Hunt, who also plays Coach Beard on the show, who recalls his favorite day on set was filming at Wembley Stadium.

“Stadiums are great, but empty stadiums are magical,” he shares. “And Wembley, even though it’s not the original…is as close to a cathedral as football gets and we had the run of it.” 

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