‘Ted Lasso’ star Brendan Hunt’s one-man show highlights his mother’s love of The Beatles


The Beatles‘ music has brought a lot of families together, and that idea is the subject of a new one-man play from Ted Lasso writer and star Brendan Hunt.

The actor’s new show, The Movement You Need, reveals how the band’s music was one of the things that united him and his late mother, with whom he had a complicated relationship. 

According to Variety, the idea for the show came after Hunt got to meet Paul McCartney thanks to his Ted Lasso boss Jason Sudeikis, who invited him along to watch the rehearsal for the Taylor Hawkins memorial show in London. He says his show represents the things he had wanted to say to McCartney.

Hunt says his sister’s social media post about how her love for The Beatles came from their mother got him thinking. “I started to realize there are so many moments in my life that are connected to The Beatles,” he says.

The show will have its New York premiere at the SoHo Playhouse, running November 1-7. Hunt says you don’t have to be a Beatles fan to enjoy it. 

“You don’t have to know the Beatles, you don’t have to like the Beatles. I have to be able to reach people who don’t like the Beatles or who are just sick and tired of having the Beatles shoved down their throats,” he tells the mag. “The story is about a mom and a son, and it happens to have the Beatles as the framework. Any amount of Beatles knowledge you might need is provided during the show.”

Tickets for The Movement You Need are on sale now.

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