THC ban bill fails and a compromise was reached


The legislative session ends today with lawmakers failing to approve a bill that would ban edible THC products.  This is a win for businesses and cannabis aficionados. Crescent Canna CEO Joe Gerrity led the effort to kill a bill that sought to prohibit consumable hemp products…

“The ban and the support of the Senate President, the Governor and two billionaires who are exceedingly powerful politically.  So it really was a testament of the power of the people that we ended up not facing a total ban.

Lawmakers have approved new regulations, including age restrictions, limits on portion size and where these products can be sold.

“Perhaps the biggest change for a lot of people are that they will no longer be sold in gas stations and the maximum size of a beverage container is now four cans per package.”

Gerrity says a lot of what he heard on the Senate and House floor is nonsense and the lawmakers that are working so hard to ban these products lack the basic fundamental understanding of them.

“And its difficult to negotiate or convince people to change their opinions when the just don’t know what they’re talking about.”

Opponents of the THC industry says they’re still much too accessible and lack common-sense guardrails.

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