The Bear fires up full season 3 trailer


Ahead of the 10-episode menu dropping on Hulu on June 27, FX has just released the full trailer to its Emmy-winning show The Bear’s third season. 

It begins calm, with Jeremy Allen White‘s Carmy talking with his deceased brother Michael (Jon Bernthal) about his dream for his own fine dining establishment. Set in large part to the Rolling Stones‘ “Mixed Emotions,” the trailer gets more and more frenzied as The Bear opens its doors to patrons. 

It also shows Carmy offering a partnership in the restaurant to his chef Sydney, played by Ayo Edebiri, as well as the challenges she, Richie (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) and the rest of the staff have in bringing Carmy’s vision to life. 

The superstar chef reveals his list of “nonnegotiables” — standards the gang must meet. Ritchie calls them “the scribblings of a madman,” while Sydney denies she’s being sarcastic about them. “No, no, no. Not sarcasm,” she corrects. “Snark, contempt, even.” 

The gang is also looking out for food critics, and the bottom line, thanks to Oliver Platt‘s Uncle Jimmy, who fronted Carmy $300,000 to get the place up and running.

The place “is totally packed,” Abby Elliott‘s Sugar, Carmy’s sister, says. “Where’s the money?” Jimmy fumes. 

Nerves are getting the better of the staff, with real-life chef Matty Matheson‘s Fak having traded in his work overalls for a suit and nervously trying to make small talk with patrons, not realizing he’s overflowing one’s water glass.

Carmy’s love life also plays a role in season 3, with Fak trying to patch things up between Carmy and Molly Gordon‘s Claire, whom the chef said he “won’t have time for” with the new eatery. 

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