The good times are rollling in southwest Louisiana too


Outside of New Orleans one of the busiest spots on the globe Mardi Gras-wise is Calcasieu Parish. Visit Lake Charles spokesperson Matt Young said their season got off to a big start Friday with the Merchants parade and on Sunday they celebrated with a children’s parade.

“So, it’s already been a wild ride, so far. Lake Charles’s Mardi Gras celebration is really the second largest in the state outside of New Orleans. Something that we pride ourselves on, it’s a very family-friendly environment,” said Young.

And tonight is another big night with the Royal Gala at the Lake Charles event center. Young said it’s where all the Kings, Queens, and their courts from than 50 krewes are presented.

“And you get to see their full line-up of royalty all dressed in their regalia. So, it’s you’re not from Louisiana, if you’re not from southwest Louisiana it’s definitely something interesting to take in,” said Young.

And for Fat Tuesday, Young said one of the most traditional Mardi Gras events begins at 8 am with the Iowa Chicken Run parade. He said individuals on horseback are essentially gathering ingredients to cook gumbo.

“That ultimately is cooked at the end of the day and people gather around to enjoy, all while listening to a little bit of Zydeco music. But it’s an interesting one, definitely something that everybody needs to experience at least once in their lifetime,” said Young.

From noon until 8 pm on Tuesday, Young said there’s a block party in Lake Charles featuring parades, food trucks, live music, kids events, and arts and crafts.

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