The Police’s Andy Summers is ready to kick off The Cracked Lens + A Missing String tour


The Police guitarist Andy Summers kicks off The Cracked Lens + A Missing String tour on Friday, July 21, and fans should expect more than just Andy performing his classic tunes onstage.

“Essentially, I guess it’s what you would call a multimedia show,” he tells ABC Audio, noting it’s a combination of his photography, stories from his book Fretted and Moaning and his music.

“I play some solo guitar pieces. I do a section of Brazilian music, which is very nice,” he says. “Then it ends, of course, with an insane rendering of some Police songs,” noting he encourages fans to sing along to those classics.

Andy says his love of photography stems from his teenage years, when he “became addicted to going to the cinema.” He says, “I thought, then, ‘I want to be a film director.’ But of course, I was a teenager absolutely obsessed with the guitar, and that sort of overrode everything.” 

He turned to photography during a tour stop in New York with The Police when he had some free time and decided to get a camera, noting after that he “never looked back.”

A new tour is not something most 80-year-olds would be considering at their age, but it sounds like there’s no stopping Summers.  

“I guess it’s a life thing everybody goes through,” he says, “but I am definitely spurred on by creativity and I don’t really see any stopping until they go, ‘OK, old guy, off you go.’”  

Andy Summers’ The Cracked Lens + A Missing String tour launches Friday, July 21, in Beverly, Massachusetts. A complete list of dates can be found at

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