This year’s Louisiana Seafood Cook-Off is sure to bring the heat


The 17th Annual Louisiana Seafood Cook-Off kicks off this evening and, for the first time ever, it’s in Monroe instead of south Louisiana. Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser says the change of location for the cook-off is long overdue.

“Cory Bahr, who is a great chef for Louisiana, has really made a pledge to bring it [the cook-off] to north Louisiana,” Nungesser adds. “And it’s the right thing to do. We should be moving it [the cook-off] all over Louisiana.”

The cook-off gives 12 of the best chefs in the state just one hour to prepare their best dish using Louisiana seafood. The winner will be crowned the King or Queen of Louisiana Seafood. Nungesser says the publicity the cook-off brings is good for both the state and the chefs.

“This King of Queen traveling not only the country but the world with us to promote Louisiana seafood for the next year gives a lot of recognition to them, to their restaurant and to their hometown. [It will be] bringing a lot of visitors from all over the world to try their special dishes,” he says.

While usually held in south Louisiana, this year’s cook-off is on ULM’s campus. However, Nungesser says seafood lovers can no longer buy tickets because, in a historic first, “it’ll be a sold out crowd. So we’re excited.”

The winner of the cook-off will represent Louisiana in the Great American Seafood Cook-Off in New Orleans in August.

The 12 chefs competing this year are:

  • Frederic Terluin
    • Rouj Creole (Baton Rouge)
  • Trenton Oliphant
    • The Depeaux (Independence)
  • Sullivan Zant
    • Vestal (Lafayette)
  • Chase Woodard
    • Parish Restaurant (Monroe)
  • Mac Casteel
    • Warehouse No. 1 (Monroe)
  • Ben Fidelak
    • Mariners (Natchitoches)
  • Kaala Lawla
    • Boswell’s Jamaican Grill (New Orleans)
  • Mugsy Beals
    • Desi Vega’s Steakhouse (New Orleans)
  • Tony Rodrigue
    • Acme Oyster House (New Orleans)
  • Brandon Naquin
    • Spahr’s Seafood Restaurant (Thibodeaux)
  • Brent Daigle
    • Grady V’s (Thibodeaux)
  • Tracy Carter
    • JAC’s Craft Smokehouse (West Monroe)

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