Tom Hardy is on the run in new trailer to Venom: The Last Dance


Sony Pictures just dropped the trailer to the third installment of its successful Venom franchise. Once again, Tom Hardy and his ever-starving symbiote pal are just trying to get along, while doing good — in a kinda bad way. 

The trailer’s opening shows Hardy’s twitchy journalist Eddie Brock evidently questioning — and with Venom’s help, devouring — members of an apparent dogfighting ring. But bigger issues are afoot. 

Set in large part to David Bowie‘s “Major Tom,” the coming attraction showcases Ted Lasso’s Juno Temple — sans her English accent — as a scientist studying alien phenomena. “We always knew it was impossible that we were alone in the universe. And it’s our job to see that remains a secret,” she tells a soldier played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, who played Mordo in the Doctor Strange movies.

The military is then shown hunting the gruesome twosome down to give humanity a chance against an alien invasion. 

“Eddie: My home has found us,” Venom tells his better half, meaning more of his parasitic shape-shifters are coming. Their army “cannot be beaten,” Ejiofor’s character says. 

To that end, we see Venom tangling with a massive alien on top of an airliner mid-flight. 

“We might not make it out of this alive, buddy,” Eddie warns Venom. Indeed, a title card reads, “Till death do they part.”

Incidentally, Tom Hardy isn’t likely to live down those James Bond rumors thanks to a scene where the normally disheveled Eddie is seen in Vegas, cleaned up nicely in a sharp tuxedo. 

Venom: The Last Dance hits theaters in October.

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