Town of Benton excitement over House Speaker Mike Johnson


History was made for Louisiana on Wednesday when Congressman Mike Johnson of Benton was elected Speaker of the House making him the first from the state of Louisiana. Benton Mayor, Shelly Horton, said the community couldn’t be happier…

“We’re just very excited here and congratulations to Speaker Johnson,” said Horton.

The House of Representatives had been without a speaker for 3 weeks and Horton believes Johnson is the right man to bring the House together…

“We have the utmost confidence that he is going to be able to make a difference and to mend a lot of wounds and get the House started in the right direction,” said Horton.

Johnson was the 4th to gain the nomination for Speaker when he was finally elected on Wednesday. After his nomination, his election happened quickly. Horton said Johnson is easy to know and describes his temperament and skill…

“Has a very easy personality to communicate with others. He has incredible communication skills,” said Horton.

Story by Colleen Crain


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