Trina doubles down on calling Beyoncé the queen of rap


Trina thinks Beyoncé is the queen of rap, and that has nothing to do with her relationship with Nicki Minaj. In an interview on Carlos King’s Reality With the King, she clarified that she and Nicki are cool despite what some may think.

Trina and Nicki were set to release their “BAPS” collaboration in 2019, but issues arose during the song’s rollout. A member of Trina’s team publicly claimed Nicki wasn’t supporting the song, but Trina says she didn’t agree with the action. “I felt like he acted out of emotion but you don’t act out of emotion on [Instagram] Live against a celebrity; that’s somebody that I know, that I have a relationship with,” she tells Carlos.

In fact, Trina says when her mother passed away from cancer Nicki was “one of the first people” to contact her. 

Still, as she said in her interview at One Music Festival, she believes that Bey reigns as the queen of rap.

“If they would have said, ‘Alright, give me your top five queens.’ OK, I’m going to give it to the girls, always,” Trina said. “First off, I’m fresh off the Renaissance Tour, let’s be very clear.”

“You can’t deny or take credit from nothing that Beyoncé do, I just love Beyoncé. It was in a hype of the moment,” she continued. “It’s going to be Beyoncé over everybody to me. I just love Beyoncé, she’s a top-tier, upper-echelon, she pushes the envelope beyond envelopes.”

Trina also named Minaj, Missy Elliott and Lil’ Kim as some of the other rap queens.

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