Veto of bill to ban transgender procedures on minors could bring lawmakers back for override session


Among the most high-profile bills that Governor Edwards has vetoed is the ban on transgender medical procedures on children. Pollock Republican Representative Gabe Firment, who authored the bill, said it’s not antitransgender legislation it’s about protecting children and his constituents support it.

“In fact, most of the emails I’m getting are outside of my district, and they’re strongly in support of House Bill 648 and are demanding that the state legislature override this veto,” said Firment.

New Orleans Democrat Aimee Freeman disagrees and said there are no known cases of surgery on children to alter their gender in Louisiana. She said the bill’s intent is to target a vulnerable population, and unnecessary.

“These are not medical decisions that are made lightly. They’re made with the parent and with the child and with medical professionals. So, there’s just no reason to be legislating this hateful kind of legislation,” said Freeman.

Neighboring states have passed similar legislation and Firment fears without it, Louisiana will be set apart.

“If we do not override this veto then we know Louisiana will become a destination in the south for these types of experimental medical procedures on kids,” said Firment.

Freeman points out that legislation passed in Arkansas has already been challenged in the courts and she believes Firment’s bill violates the state constitution because it’s discriminatory.

“This is actually taking away a parental right, which most of my Republican colleagues tend to want parental rights and in this situation, parents evidently can’t be trusted,” said Freemen.

Lawmakers must respond by Thursday if they wish to return to Baton Rouge for a veto session.


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