Veto override session begins Tuesday


The veto override session begins tomorrow, and lawmakers could potentially overturn the governor’s rejection of 25 bills. The driving force of the session is the veto of a measure that bans gender-affirming care for transgender minors.

“One of the things that’s interesting about looking at the override ballot vote is that this is not purely a partisan issue. When it comes to protecting children I don’t think the legislature is going to let anyone stand in their way and particularly not a lame duck governor,” said Chair of the House Republican Delegation and Erath Representative Blake Miguez.

Miguez believes the Republican super-majority will overturn the governor’s vetoes and predicts the vote will not be down party lines.

Shreveport Representative and Chair of the House Democratic Caucus Sam Jenkins said he’s not surprised about the session, and he believes the governor’s reasoning of why rejected more than two dozen bills is fair. Jenkins said many of the bills are government overreach.

“You’re looking at quite a bit of discriminatory practices. You’re looking at laws that could be challenged in court. I think from the governor’s perspective, the executive branch perspective you have to consider all that when you want to enforce these laws,” said Jenkins.

Two other bills that some have deemed as anti-LGBTQ, including a don’t say gay bill have also been vetoed by Governor Edwards. Miguez goes a bit further in referring to the bill banning medical procedures on minors.

“The HB 648, which deals with a ban of gender mutilation of children,” said Miguez.

Jenkins said the bill to prohibit classroom discussion of gender identity and sexual orientation places an extra burden on teachers, and the other two bills restrict parental rights.

“Some of this is best left to families, parents, or left to the professionals who are involved with those types of decisions. It’s very difficult to legislate people’s identity,” said Jenkins.

Lawmakers could also overturn three-line-item vetoes in state budget bills and legislation to phase out the state’s corporate income tax.


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