Walker Police Chief saves man from drowning


Walker Police Chief David Addison was at the right place at the right time last Friday. He said it was divine intervention when he took his daily walk an hour earlier when three young girls pleaded with him for help because their father was unresponsive in their backyard swimming pool.

“This is a thing of a lifetime, just trying to help the man and his children. That’s all I could think about was getting help for those babies’ daddy,” said Addison.

Addison and responding officers were able to get the man out of the pool and begin life-saving measures.

In the small Livingston Parish city of 7,000 Addison said while he’s responded to a variety of calls this one is an emotional one because he didn’t want the young girls, ages 3, 4, and 5, to go without a father.

“You know just babies, children. So there were no other adults around, but thank God those little kids knew to run out to the road and start trying to get attention when I think about it…” Addison said as he began to tear up.

Addison said he also called his wife to calm the three girls while EMS worked to revive their father.

“Acadian worked on this guy for about 15 minutes doing their magic and finally they got a pulse. And they transported him to the hospital. And I hear he’s in ICU, but he’s alive,” said Addison.

For the victim’s and the family’s privacy, his name is being withheld.

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