Watch Bryan Adams deal with a stage crasher without missing a beat


After decades of rock stardom, Bryan Adams probably isn’t fazed by anything that happens onstage — including a guy attempting to take over lead vocals on his signature hit.

On his Instagram, Bryan shared footage of a recent concert where he starts to sing “Summer of ’69.” After the first line — “I got my first real six-string” — a guy runs onstage, grabs the mic and starts singing the next two lines: “Bought it at the five and dime/ played it ’til my fingers bled.” 

Bryan just stands there as the audience continues to sing along — until a bunch of security guys wrestle the dude offstage. At that moment, he steps back to the mic and, with perfect timing, continues with the next line: “It was the Summer of ’69.”

“Sometimes you just gotta laugh,” Bryan captioned the video, adding #stagecrasher.”

A fan wrote in the comments, “I was there! What a crazy moment! Ya gotta admire Bryan’s professionalism. He just stepped back, let the crazy be crazy, let the professionals do their job, and continued like NOTHING had happened.”

However, several fans in the comments noted the stage crasher’s voice wasn’t bad, and some even thought Bryan should’ve let the guy finish.

Another fan added, “I like that it was a guy fan! Usually drunk girls run onstage and want to hug the artist. This dude just wants to be Bryan for a moment!”

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