Watch Halsey and SUGA embrace their demons in new video for “Lilith (Diablo IV Anthem)”


As promised, Halsey and SUGA have dropped their devilish new video for “Lilith (Diablo IV Anthem),” in connection with June 6’s long-awaited launch of the Diablo IV video game.

In the clip, Halsey, wearing a cape and hood, enters a church and walks into a cloud of smoke. They doff their cape to reveal that they’re wearing a gladiator-style costume and carrying a sword. As they continue walking, they’re bloodied and cut by things both seen and unseen. 

Finally, Halsey kneels before a huge mural inspired by the game. As they offer their sword in a gesture of loyalty, they’re transformed into Lilith, the main character of the game, who’s depicted in the painting.

SUGA shows up halfway through, delivering his verses while enveloped by some kind of red mist.

“I’m here as both a fan and a collaborator,” says Halsey of their partnership on the game launch. “Plus, I’ve always wanted to do a concept with SUGA with this type of dark mythology, Hopefully, fans of Diablo, SUGA and myself will love Lilith’s embrace.” 

“Working with Halsey on a track for the Diablo universe has been an incredible joy,” SUGA adds. “I hope the track resonates with many people worldwide.”


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