Why Whitesnake’s David Coverdale won’t write a memoir


Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale has certainly had an interesting life and career, but fans shouldn’t expect to read about it anytime soon. The singer recently appeared on the Paltrocast podcast, where he put an end to any thought of him telling his life story in a memoir. 

Coverdale had previously suggested on Twitter that he was thinking about working on a memoir, jokingly calling it How White Was My Snake? But when asked about it, he denied it was going to happen. 

“The problem is I can’t do it, because I can’t not be honest about this, that and the other, who’s the inspiration (for) this song, who was that,” he said. “It would be a spilling of the beans, which I’m not interested in hurting anybody, and particularly my family.” 

He also said his wife was totally against his suggested title, noting she thought it was “too diminishing to my legacy.”

But even if there’s no book, Coverdale does have something in store that fans may love. He notes, “I’ve been working now with my head of video on another concept which I think could be significantly more interesting and not as f****** boring as a biography.”

He went on to explain that they are going to start a “QT with DC” in which he’ll answer questions from fans, although he says he won’t talk about his ex Tawny Kitaen, who he calls “an amazing memory.” “I think it’s just respectful to people I’ve worked with,” he says. “Some of the aspects were unsavory. That’s for me to know, really, and to clear it from my space.”

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