Will lawmakers choose to meet to override any of Governor’s vetoes?


We will know next week which bills passed by the state legislature will be vetoes by Governor John Bel Edwards. Several of the vetoes are expected, but will lawmakers choose to convene a special session to override any of them? Denham Springs Representative Valarie Hodges says lawmakers need to come back if Edwards vetoes bills banning gender transition care for minors, affirming use of students’ birth pronouns and one forbidding discussion with students of gender preference of sexual behavior…:

“I know people don’t like that. I don’t really like it, but I don’t like fact that he said he’s going to veto those VERY, very important bills,” says Hodges.

The bills drew controversy and stiff opposition, but were approved by GOOP majorities in both House and Senate. Veto override sessions are automatically scheduled, unless enough lawmakers vote NOT to have one. Baton Rouge Representative Paula Davis says there is a real possibility that could happen…:

“Many members are not coming back (for another term). Are those members going to want to come back to override a veto on these three bills?  When it’s not things like health care, infrastructure, education et cetera..?”

Davis says a number of lawmakers may feel the vetoed bills can easily be revisited next spring, when they will quite likely face the approval of a conservative Republican governor. Rep. Hodges says the bills the Governor has pledged to veto are about protecting children, and hopes fellow lawmakers will vote to go back to the Capitol…:

“That’s what these bills do; they protect the parents’ rights and they protect children, so I think it IS important for us to have a veto override session,” says Hodges.

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