Wray discusses governor’s race on Talk Louisiana with Jim Engster


Earlier this week Orleans Parish District Attorney Jason Williams issued a statement he’s considering a run for governor. He would be the second formidable Democrat to announce, but political consultant Mary-Patricia Wray predicted on Talk Louisiana with Jim Engster who would receive the party’s support.

“The Democrats are ultimately going to unite behind a single candidate. I think that it’s very likely that that candidate is going to remain Shawn Wilson, as the current Democratic frontrunner,” said Wray.

With five formidable Republicans in the governor’s race, Wray said to pay attention to who’s polling just behind, perceived front-runner Attorney General Jeff Landry. She said if Landry doesn’t make the runoff who’s the second choice among hard conservatives?

“We’re going to want to watch those numbers closely, especially over the next six months, right after qualifying. I’m going to be really interested to see where those numbers go,” said Wray.

And with an anticipated crowded ballot among Republicans for governor, Wray was asked if she thinks any will be swayed to remove themselves from contention. She said knowing each one personally she doesn’t see that happening, however…

“I would not be surprised to see someone do the math and understand it is wise to drop out probably. But I’ll also tell you, Jim, I would not be surprised if they all show up before the end of qualifying on August 10th, said Wray.

In addition to Landry the other Republicans are Treasurer John Schroder, Senator Sharon Hewitt, Representative Richard Nelson, and former L-A-B-I president Stephen Waguespack.

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